Selfish ?

Sometimes I really just want to scream . Dear reader , I DO NOT WANT TO BE AN ADULT , heck yeah I don’t but I have to be  because life is a bitch and you need to learn how to handle her before she screws you over. And yes I am saying HER because females are crazy , I am one so I should know  and I have met , communicated and hang out with lots of ladies , studied them also because I find women logic unexplainable … so yeah . Plus females are kinda like poisonous snakes (not all but like 70 % of them)  when it comes to being in a spotlight and getting all of the attention , damn if you are pretty they will try to screw you over because fuck you , can’t be pretty and have it all .Ahaha I know I got a little overboard with this but it is kinda the ugly truth . People judge you by the looks , at least in my country for sure they do , then it’s the “package”. No wonders there is a saying ” don’t judge a book by its cover” . And for those of you who might think “so you are saying guys are better” – no , in fact I do not , they are just not as crazy as us ladies. Humans are strange in general . Peace out.

Bitch1. A malicious, unpleasant, selfish person, especially a woman.
2. Disparaging and Offensive.   3. Anything difficult or unpleasant.

This inspirational  positive writing  was triggered by how upset I am at the moment . Yes, I am happy to be breathing ,seeing the sunlight & etc. BUT there are so many things that I want to be doing right now and I can’t . Like traveling , meeting new people , going to parties and not having to care . Instead I am trapped in the same daily routine go to work , go to university ,sleep and repeat it all over again . I am proud to be paying for my education , the clothes on my shoulders , shoes … and not depending on my parents but sometimes I really get jealous of people who don’t have to pay rent and bills , and can be super selfish just to do whatever they want , not having to worry if you will spend your money right . I know it’s awful of me , being really  egoistic and all , wanting to have support and help in situations …having the dream job and studying ,not just having a random job which allows you to pay your bills. Everyone knows I am hardworking , it just becomes stressful at some point because you are working to reach your goals , have a good status one day  , focused on pushing harder … but inside you feel a little tired because you want to learn new things,to explore more ,do more .. not just work work work  – at the same time everything is super material and nothing is easy to accomplish . But you just wanna ride the wave to happiness.

Also people betray you , talk behind your back , try to embarrass you and all kinds of nasty things you would never expect because if they are not happy and having it all so ain’t you . Nobody wants that negativity in their life ,at least your real friends love you ( and your pets) . People come and go , love comes and goes , hard times and good times too . Life is a roller coaster , I just want to have it all .Then life hits you hard with all kinds of not so cool surprises that are not sent by Santa but more like by Satan . It’s kinda funny because I feel like if something awesome and positive happens then a few bad ones come to remind you it can’t be all butterflies and candy . Imma be positive though just because I want to be .
Slow clap if you understood anything of this weird post. Xoxo


” Life is beautiful if you live it with a smile. So smile away today ! ” The End.



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