The american dream

There is just a month till I go to The United States Of America again. I spent two summers in a roll there and will do one more this year . I think I wrote a post about the place I worked at for the past two years – Osterville  , around the same time but never did for my experience so this one should be for it . It’s fun because I have to test my memory and I’m more like Dory from  Finding Nemo cartoon movie  , this will be fun and challenging . I definitely think I’ve grown as a person since I’ve been traveling and still am of course , meeting new people and cultures can improve your knowledge a lot and just the angle that you view things in life from  , I recommend you to travel to foreign places and explore as much as you can . For me that’s how you level up , I’ve said before if I do not travel I feel caged and stuck up with the daily everyday life routine , which can be pretty boring and in my case kinda depressing . I always need to find new thing to do , probably the reason why I have a lot hobbies and change them in the blink of an eye . So here we go …

I am not even sure where to start from , will do with my decision of participating in WAT program . When I was in high school one of my friends that I was attending dance classes with ( and been close friends since) told me about her applying for work and travel program which is for students and allows you to explore America . We thought of it as a really cool thing to do since  the USA has a lot of influence on movies , music and etc . When I became a student I automatically signed for it and was really excited because with my friend we dreamed of working together and going on adventures and how amazingly cool it will be . We had it all planned out kinda but not really , it was just for the sake of the idea and scenarios in our heads .

My first visit in the states was in 2014 . I had to take a plane for the very first time of my life. I recall being super scared of missing flights , ah and of course thinking of what happens if my plane crashes . Do I prefer my plane to crash in a mountain or in the ocean ?I know it’s weird but I prefer it to be in a mountain ( you will burn) . I had to take one flight from Bulgaria to Amsterdam and then from Amsterdam to Boston , I could fly from Paris too but I’ve heard that the airport there is really complicated and didn’t want to choose it as a first option. It took me 20hrs or so to get from my country to America . Since it was all new , exciting and scary at the same time because I was alone ,  I didn’t sleep at all and I had to catch a bus from Boston to Hyannis which took another 3hrs of trying not to fall asleep even though I was sooooooooo sooooo tired . Thankfully there was a person from my work place who took me from the bus station to Osterville . The first think he did was to ask me where I am from and when I said from Bulgaria he was so amazed and told me I do not look like a bulgarian , it was so weird but happened with other people too . When I arrived at the final destination I met my employer , got keys to my room and didn’t meet with my roommates but fell asleep like a baby instead. It turned out that one of my roomies was american and she had days off so she went back to her place to spend time with her family and the other one was romanian and still hadn’t arrived . It was the first time I was sharing a room with people I do not know , but it was great because the girls were amazing and lovely . In the beginning I was more shy and didn’t know how thing go around , I knew english but when you’re at a country that this is the mother language  and everyone speaks it , there are a lot of phrases and expressions you don’t know and most f the time I would search for words in my mind to fit and to be more easy to explain what I mean exactly . Now I don’t think I have this problem anymore , there is always something new to learn but I am much more comfortable with my language skills . My job position was a bartender . I had no experience at all and was really nervous if I’ll do good. In the beginning I was always working with another bartender that I called the pro , he was a russian guy who had a lot of experience and taught me everything basically. Pretty much everyday was learning something new and I remember I was about to cry once because I was carrying a tray with way too many glasses , almost got to the other bar and there was wind so one of glasses did shake and they just fell … at least not all of them broke but I was really upset about it,  but our awesome manager helped out and also it was at the end of the night shift so there weren’t any people , just the staff crew. So yeah , no public shaming  . I am aware as a new person I was making a lot of mistakes , took me some time to get used to the work and the people but in the end it was all great . For me the biggest pressure was and still is when working on weddings because it’s that one day which is really important for certain people and will be remembered for the rest of their lives , it just has to be perfect . In the end it turned out that I did spend a lot of money for clothes and random stuff , so I didn’t travel much my first year . I went to New York tho .

My second visit was in 2015 . I started it with going to New Jersey and then to Cape Cod where I work . New Jersey is super fun , has great shores and some cool parks. For sure different than the Cape . I was introduced more to the life there like as a home , so that’s why vibes that I got from the two states are different because I see the Cape as my working place and relaxing place which you go to during the summer ( I like to call it mini paradise , you don’t need to think about real life but concern more of having fun and live for the moment) . I took a bus from NJ to MA , it was interesting because the bus stops in a lot of cities and it’s cool to observe (took around 8hrs) . No matter that it was my second year working in Osterville , I gained a lot of new experience again . This time I worked as a server ,which is so different than working as a server in Bulgaria . Plus I work for a private country club so it’s even more different . You need to interact with people a lot , definitely to know what you are doing . Since I worked as a server a little bit before leaving the previous season , I was aware of things but had to step my game on and really wanted to do better than the last year . I asked so many question , makes me laugh now but just to be sure of things I ask again and again ,  because I am afraid of making mistakes when it comes to work and feel bad about it most of the times ( might not show it but I do )  . I worked with the same people as managers but also new ones from the f&b staff . A lot of times our banquets manager will laugh with me and joke about silly mistakes that I’ve made before , so hilarious but I am happy because it shows that you’ve leveled up .And I’m sure there are still new things to learn .When it comes to traveling I did visit some new places in MA , also stayed with my friend in Boston for a few days .Plus I just had turned 21 and could go to clubs and bars .  It was amazing , this city is gorgeous in every way. I made a lot of new friends , met great people and got really close with my new roommate . She is taiwanese and has the cutest personality ever , we took our time to explore places together and go on adventures , also did get a long really well . Vanessa you are the best partner in crime, sending you much of love , feel special if you are reading this right now ahaha .

In the end I am extremely thankful for having the opportunity to work with lovely people ,to travel and have fun . Something I will not trade for anything .  For this next summer I plan on visiting  Niagara Falls , Texas and maybe Vans Warped Tour ( it just looks cool )  I don’t know what this summer has in store for me but I’m sure it will be amazing .
P.s  I will name this post The American Dream because all of my friends have been joking with me about it . Also there are a lot more thing to write and add on , way too much so I tried to write the main experience about it . Hope you enjoyed it .

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My favourite spot in Osterville.



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