I’ve known this person for a while now . She is a bit crazy  ,a bit wise and half bulgarian / half russian .With lots of talents,  her passion is art and tattooing , even did my first tattoo ( told me not to cry or I’m going home  ha ha jk ). She can be impulsive , lil aggressive even but with a pure heart and lots of love to give . Meet my friend Ivona Arsova-Mishonova !

Coffee or Tea ?  Coffee but right now because of circumstances I have to drink decaf only.
Cat or dog person?  Cat person , duh , I have a black cat tattooed on my back !
Which is your favourite colour?   Bla … red , red is my favourite colour.
Which is your favourite beer?   It’s Stella Artois .
What kind of music do you like ? I listen to different types of music genres out there , but mainly to “hard wire .  Rock and Roll baby !
Could you list some of your favourite bands?  Kiss , Bring Me The Horizon , Def Leppard , A Day To Remember , White Snake … I kinda like both old school and new school things .

What do you do? Cooking , cleaning , being a housewife at the moment  and studying . Recently had an internship as an art teacher , I was teaching 5th and 6th graders theory of art . It’s stressful , there is always someone who is observing  in the room and giving grates for your work . Plus the kids are pricks , those who are standing in front listen to you but the others at the back don’t care at all and do not pay attention to your class .

For how long have you been studying art?  Since I was in 7th grade , before that it was just a hobby. I got accepted at a highschool for arts and then at The  National Academy of Arts .
Where do you draw inspiration from? I don’t get inspired by something specific , it just hits you from nowhere . You can say I get inspired by other talented artists , by that I don’t mean competing but inspiring me as trying to get my work on a higher level .

How many tattooes do you have ? Oh , I don’t know (counting them) – twelve .
How many people have you tattooed? Again I don’t know , a lot . I worked in a tattoo studio for about an year , then at home I have guns too . Micky Sharpz are my fave ones.
Have you tattooed yourself ?  Of course I have ! I did a star ,a rose , bow and arrow …a Paul Stanley autograph .. but I have to say – tattooing your elbow is the worst ! Ha ha

What is wrong with our society today? Oh gosh , way too many things . Start from education then go to culture …
Is art appreciated it in here? There is fake appreciation .Nowadays hipsters consider everything as art  like for instance  a picture of saliva but framed . Those people go to galleries and clap , and admire something they don’t even understand but art is wonderful for them. They can’t define art or tell you what’s the difference between impressionism & expressionism .

What is your most memorable moment? Getting married for now , after a few months it will be having a kid in our life.It’s exciting .
If I touch the belly can I feel the baby kick? No , it will stop because would feel your hand . Stops when the father does it too haha kicks only me .

Where have you traveled to?  I’ve been to Russia , Italy , Greece , Turkey , Albania and Macedonia .
Where do you want to be now? In California ! Or some warm weathered place in general . To be sitting on my beautiful white porch in front of my amazing house , to be drawing and starring at the sea while my kids are running around me and my man is bringing me ice-cold beer .

The End.




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