The social rules for dating do change a lot , I think . At pretty much no point in history has it been easy for young girls and boys to dare go on dates , even at a wiser age it is still kinda risky and scary to ask someone out . I am not talking about asking someone to go to a club or pretty much your place . I am talking about the old shool proper date !

Ah , Romeo and Juliet …  sweet talk to me , baby !

So let me share what I remember my mom & granny  told me going on dates was like . First of all most of the times guys are the ones who ask the girl out . I’m sure the pressure on the poor lads was a real struggle , if the guy is more cheeky he will come straight up to you and ask you out . More likely if they were in school will send you little notes and hope no one will understand if they get rejected . There was no social media so the only way to contact the other person is through the phone , if you were a girl and expect a call …you will most  certainly pray your dad doesn’t pick up the phone first . Girls will spend a lot of time making themselves look pretty and sneak out of the house  , like ninjas . Complimenting each other was like a thing , taking the girl from her place too . If the boy has his game strong – will bring flowers for his desired lady . As it goes for ladies , they will cook romantic dinners and write letters (making sure they are super  sweet and cotton candy like ,so your heart will melt ) . Oh and let’s not forget the pick up lines , I always laugh so hard when I hear them . My favourite one is “Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you everyone else disappears. ”  so cheesy . And as it goes for the place the date will be , most popular were dance parties ( where people actually really do dance )local dinners  and cafés , maybe picnick  dates too . Showing affection will be holding hands and kisses on the cheeks.  How cute is that?

Nowadays it’s much more easier , I guess. Our greatest wingman social media is always there for us .Girls do ask guys out a lot , guys are cool with that too . We stay up till late , texting each other for hours , so sometimes you even run out of news to give … communication is definitely easier then it was back then .You have a private phone , filled with apps you can use to meet up with people,  if you are too shy or just not lucky enough . ( so easy to stalk everyone ha ha ) . Maybe romance has disappeard a little from the scene  because I don’t recall dating a guy who would count the stars in my eyes and buy me flowers . Netflix and Chill  is a thing , so yeah defos nowadays we are not quite romantic.
Go Dutch”  is the style , no need for the guy to pay for the girl too , it’s not considered rude and I think it’s fair . There are numerous ways to meet potential dates, including blind dates … it can be the traditional go for a coffee or dinner , it can be visiting galleries , parties , clubbing (which I am not a huge fan of for a first date because I like to get to know the person who is standing in front of me ) , go for walks at the park  , concerts and etc. Wearing something casual on a date is totally acceptable , if you are a girl you don’t need to wear a dress or skirt to impress, of course we like to look good and still takes us hours to decide what to wear though .

Let’s see what a good date looks like for me . Doesn’t matter were we go , kinda preferably a coffee house because I’m a little caffeine addict and will make me happy. If we go for a walk it’ll be nice , especially if it’s sunny outside and the person has a dog . An important thing is the person who I am with to have a good sense of humor , likes to talk a lot and makes me laugh. I love eating ,so if we go for pizza or ice-cream will be awesome too.So basically fooling around and having fun will be the best for a date. And since I wrote that I will list down some funny pick up lines , for you.

1. What time do you have to be back in heaven?
2 .Roses are red violets are blue I didn’t know what perfect was until I met you.
3. Was that an earthquake or did you just rock my world?
4. Do you have a band aid? ‘ Cause I scrapped my knees falling for you.
5. Is your name “swiffer” ? ‘Cause you just swept me off my feet.


                                                The End and may the force be with you !






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