Reasons to be happy

Today was a long day and grey too . Rainy , dark ,cold , depressing even … I was at work , sitting on my fancy white chair , glancing through the big french window and staring at the pouring rain outside . At some point I caught myself feeling down and decided to make this day colourful on my own ! Yep , happy thoughts time . There are a lot of reasons to be happy , right here and right now . Here are some on my list :

1. Rain isn’t necessarily negative . If you stop what you’re doing , clear your mind and listen to it for a minute or two , it’s actully relaxing . Also warm rain feels majestic on your skin when the weather is good . Singing in the rain ….

2. You are unique . No one has the same eyes or fingerprints as yours ! Smirk , smirk .

3. Your family is there for you . They support you and love you , even if sometimes they think your ideas and choices are stupid and lame .

4. Your boyfriend/girlfriend adores you . Yep , be proud that another human being thinks you’re special …not just your mom .

5. Music . One of the best things in the world which you can enjoy endlessly , just play your favourite song and your mood will lighten up for sure . Music gives you freedom .

6. Do your dance , even if it’s the robot , running man , moon walk … get your freak on !

7. Traveling . Taking walks to the next neighbourhood can be adventurous , try new paths , explore new cities , countries ,continents … go to the closest forest and just chill surrounded by nature and friends , it’s amazing . I’m so happy I have the opportunities to travel and meet new people !

8. Our world is so developed , there will probably always be some piece of information you don’t know , always something to learn how to do in any field. Isn’t this marvelous ? There are over 100 languages to learn and a thousand more different cultures – there is so much to learn.

9. You can enjoy a cup of coffee (or two , or three , or…) . Everything gets better with coffee . A hug in a mug !

10 . No matter how retarded you are , your friends will always stand by you . All you need is someone who joins you on your weirdness . Real friends are the ones who make you laugh louder , smile brighter and live better !

11. Finding money in your pocket . Soooo good , especially when you thought you were broke and then you reach your pocket and… ta-da-da surprise loser , now you may buy what you fancy . In my case chocolate .

12. You know what’s beautiful ? Read the first word again .

13.  Stepping into a long, hot shower after being caught in the rain.

14.  Meeting new people, getting to know their interests, their loves, their backgrounds and what makes them tick.

15. That one ray of sunshine that warms your heart and puts a smile on your face when it’s grey and windy outside.

16. You’re alive . No matter how sick, tired, sad, or unhappy you are, there’s one thing you can still be grateful for and that’s the fact that you’re still here. People we love leave us unexpectedly on a regular basis. Think about what you would do if you knew this was your last day on earth? Would you spend it brooding and thinking about all the stuff you don’t have? Probably not. You’d make an effort to spend time with those you love most, to relax, laugh and live. Now smile 🙂



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