Annoyingly Girly Traits

I was browsing through my TV channels and saw a comercial of barbie and the urge of writing about girly things  magically appeard . So here are some cliche things I like and don’t like .

1Barbie . Since that’s what triggered my mind to write about girly stuff , let’s start with this doll. When I was little I liked the barbie movies , they were so cool . You know -magical forests , unicorns , fairies ,trolls ,shiny castles and badass princesses who btw were so down to earth .. how could you not want to be one?  I never really liked the dolls though , pure plastic perfection of a human which doesn’t exist . Soft blonde hair , pretty face , big enough chest size , thin waist and long legs . Sometimes I think barbie is the main reason why females want to do plastic surgeries ,  so they can achieve the perfect look. I say you are pretty with all your flaws , perfect just the way you are .

2. Fake tan . Like honestly WHY?  I will never understand this . Yes , latin americans ,africans and etc.. they are all beautiul but that doesn’t mean you are not. Just be proud with your own skin . Plus half of the time ladies who are fake tanning look like oranges , it’s ridiculous .

3. Makeup . Oh boy , I have to admit I love doing makeup. Women have been using cosmetics for thousands of years, and there are many reasons why . Main reason is ego boost . If you feel good, you look good.  It’s also good for skin protection and never gets boring to do a different look on a random day . You can do all types of style from natural barely to a hollywood diva . I’m not a fan of the heavy makeup , unless you are a performer or it’s used for artistic purposes . Ladies , please don’t go overboard …

4. Fashion . It’s easy to love and hate fashion .There are certainly negative aspects to the fashion industry. Issues like young girls becoming anorexic due to the unrealistic aesthetics of the media . But at the same time the clothing we wear is often our most powerful and obvious form of personal expression.Whether I shop online, at a department store, small boutique or thrift store, finding new clothes is fun . But doesn’t mean I won’t wear certain colours or type of clothes just because fashion says it’s not the season for it , sorry not sorry .

5.  Dieting . The word diet means a way of eating  but I kinda feel like a lot of people accept it as starving .It often implies the use of specific intake of nutrition for health or weight-managment reasons . I support dieting if it’s used for improving your health . We all have those friends who decide to do diets two weeks before going to a vacation or whatever  , eating just salads and torture their organism just because . I suggest to do it for yourself and to feel great , add exercising and food that is good for you .

6.  Screams . When girls randomly scream about everything .
Puppyyyyyy caaaaaat bunnnyyyyy oh my gooood ! Nope , just stop.
Heeeeey girl hey , haven’t seen you for a while , eeeeeeeeeek ! Say hi to me or wave , please don’t scream my name from across the street or in my ear .

7Seeking attention . When writing about absolutely everything on your social media , posting selfies everyday , always being on your phone and thinking you are the center of the world. Let me enlighten you on something – pretty much nobody cares . Try to be productive and don’t expect everyone to slow clap for it.

8. Freaking out when a guy texts you . I find this one sooo funy , just text the person back . Forget about the what if and have a conversation . Overthinking your every word is defos a minus .

9. Duckface . Another WHY? It doesn’t look natural . I’m all for a good selfie, but the duckface has got to go. You don’t look cool , you look super basic. STOP it. So happy I don’t see it as a trend anymore.

10. Starbucks . Speaking of trends and being basic can’t skip Starbucks . Get coffee for the caffeine and the bitter sweet taste , not just to instragram your paper cup and show how ” hipster” you are. Coffee is amazing , coffee is love .  ( I am a lil addict ha ha )

11. Flower crowns.  Wearing one is fun , especially if you made it and you are out in the wild exploaring new places with friends (example: camping in the forrest). When I was little  my grandma used to make daisy flower crowns for me and I would feel like a fairy princess with it . I actually like it as a trend beause it was one at some point during the summer .

After all girls are amazing , be yourself and enjoy life . Peace out !  🙂



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