First love

Since Valentine’s Day is knocking on the door I decided today’s post to be about love , more specifically about the first real love ! Maybe because it’s february so called month of love ,maybe because seasons are changing or I don’t really know why I chose this topic. A few days ago my mom told me I have no sense of romance … so , yes I gave it a thought .
If I have to be honest I do think 14th of february is overrated . You know all the buying of gifts , chocolates and roses everywhere , all of the heart decorations in shops are a bit too much for me . Marketing as it’s finest though ! I even used a trick or two in my mom’s shop but being business smart is another topic .  After all as a female I do have to admit there is something cute about Valentine’s day because you can see people expressing their love freely , there is some positive vibe about it . Besides that I think actions mean a lot more than words and still don’t wait for that special day to say ” I love you” to your dearest , show appreciation even with small things , like making two cups of coffee in the morning for example , making pizza for your lad (any favourite meal in general)  or just buying a flower for your lady from the local market on a random day .

So my first love , eh ?  Oh boy , can’t help and smile when I think about it and all of the ” puking rainbow” moments .  When I say my first  I don’t mean the boy I first kissed ,
he did not touch my soul with his lips . When I say  my first  I don’t mean the boy I first slept with , he was nothing more than attraction . When I say my first love I am talking about the one who got under my skin , made me question myself , the one who made love to my mind , the one who kept me on my toes . That first person who inspired you to do and want more from life , that one person who puts a smile on your face everytime you’re together , makes you laugh and let you be silly around .  And let’s not forget the butterflies in your stomach …

Funny thing is at first I didn’t even realize it was love , started as a simple friendship and grow to something bigger . It often takes people too long to admit that they love someone . They only ever realize their deep, burning desire for that person once they’re gone . I loved learning new things about him . I loved learning about his daily routine, his likes and dislikes, his dreams. I loved learning the big things and the small details . All of the little moments you would like to be everlasting , but then again are a short lapse of time .  I’ve loved before him but I loved him in a way that I’ve never loved before and this very fact makes him my first love. How do you get over your first love? I mean , do you ever ? Or is everyone after just a distraction? Yes , you may be distracted , you may even move on , but you will never forget them . That’s the real charm ! There will forever be a place reserved for him in the back of my mind and perhaps my heart too. After all , once upon a time he was my everything –  you never forget the first person you fell in love with .

P.s now that I’ve read what I have written I realise how cheesy it sounds , ah , hope you enjoyed it , dear  reader !