Karl & Marielle

Hi guys , it’s been a long time since I last wrote in my blog but I was busy while working in the states (day off : too lazy and tired to do anything ha ha ) , didn’t really bring my laptop with me too (4 months – imagine that) .
Today’s interview will be with two crazy heads – Karl and Marielle . Met them at the private country club that I worked for a.k.a Wianno club. They are really energetic , positive and sweet. They joke around , do silly things, always brightening up the situations and make work easier ! If you ever get the chance to meet them I’m sure you’ll love ’em.
So story time , here we go …

11695011_10207392954931939_5304781087046072903_nName : Marielle Beetage
Age : 22   Zodiac sign: Virgo
Hometown : Amamzimtoti ( Durban) ; South Africa
Favourite movie : Bridesmaids
Favourite book : Hunger games
Favourite snack : Peanut butter
Favourite drink : Coffee
Favourite colour : Purple
Spiritual animal : Cat
Super hero : Mom
Addicted to : Coffee and Gym
Dream : To be a professional photographer
Motto : ” If you never get lost , you’ll never get found ”
Describe yourself with a few words : Creative , kind and modest

10417506_851918914836906_5976209636677433925_nName : Karl Albers
Age : 23   Zodiac sign: Gemini
Hometown : Westfall( Durban) ; South Africa
Favourite movie : Hardball [First movie I cried too)
 Favourite book : Can’t say I really like books and reading
Favourite snack : Dry fruits and nuts
Favourite drink : Smoothies
Favourite colour : Grey
Spiritual animal : Dog
Super hero : The Power Rangers
Addicted to: Cleaning and Gym
Dream : To be a pro rugby coach [ playing rugby since 6 years old]                           Motto : “Seek self believe , not external believe”
Describe yourself with a few words :Loud ,confident, ocd & carrying

How did you two meet?
K : So who is going to tell the story?
:  Okay, so this whole work away thing that we signed up for , about America … we both heard about it from random people and actually arrived late for the meeting . We sat at the back for the whole class thing and we didn’t even notice each other,we were both there alone and as the thing come to an end they said : ” we’re gonna start doing the screening but we have to gather in front ” and we were at the back , so we started running to the front and kinda bumped into each other.Then we started talking about how we’re gonna be here forever and then we just started talking and we spoke for two hours straight about everything. We had so much in common ,it was so random…
K : Yeah,it was kinda random… and because there were like 500 people at the meeting and we had to go seat by seat for our screening interview  and by that time , every single time we moved we had so much more to talk about,we had so much going on ,  and by the time we went up to the front we felt like best friends.
M : By the time we started being together we already knew exactly what we didn’t want and want in a relationship.We set that out straight from the beginning.
K : It was pretty cool. And then the biggest thing there was , we both said to each other : ” we bot get in ,we both go” but Marielle didn’t get in so she stayed in South Africa and I went to America . We did six months from a distance , which was a big thing.

Was it hard for you?
M & K :  OH YEAH !
K : There was a seven hour difference in time and we had to find a way to keep in touch.Communication is a key to a healthy relationship , you know. If you don’t speak to each other you feel like you’re drifting away .
M: But it was crazy. We were only together for three months before he left and we did six months long distance.It was quite the commitment.
K: And now we’ve been together for nearly tree years.

What was you first impression of the other person?
I saw her with the corner of my eye when I was sitting there at the bench, automatically you know , and thought she was really good looking. But I’m a shy person at heart and I would never go up to her.Only because I was forced to sit next to her then it was fine.
M: Obviously I thought he was good looking.He had that long swoopy hair ,his cap on , looking cool …
K: I noticed her red hair ! Caught my eye , she was against the grain – unique , not like the rest.
M: Yeah and he was a G !

What do you do in your free time?
K: Going out for breakfast and going to gym !
M: Yup , we do everything together .Wake up ,eat,go to gym,eat,go to work, EAT! Watching series and eating dark chocolate.
K: We like traveling whenever we get the chance. We wanna see and experience things together. When we were back home in South Africa we didn’t have the opportunity to travel.

Where have you traveled to?
M: Florida , Mexico , Savannah , Atlantic City ,Washington DC , Cape Cod MA , New York , climbed Lion’s Head (mountain in Cape Town; SA)
K: We’re planning on going to Boston in two weeks.We wanna do Europe.
M: Can’t wait !

Is it easy to live together?
Yes and No.
M: That’s like a two-way question tho. I know for a fact we’ll not be able to live without each other , even back home we stayed back 20 mins away from each other.We don’t fight a lot when we live together , only for stupid things like cleaning.
K: If my clothes are folded in the wrong way
Me: Are you kidding me?
K: Told you I am OCD !

What do you love about the other?
K: She is loving , carrying and she always got my back no matter what !
M: No matter what I do he is always there for me!

What annoys you about the other ?
This one is easy for you!  He’s  OCD ..
K: Just having to clean up after her and make things neat.Putting things in order and in place, you know what I mean?
Me: No,because I’m not ocd … I don’t know what you mean.
M: See babe , I’m actually a normal person ! There are other people out there who don’t do that .
K: Worst part is my family is messy ,when you come to my house there are random things everywhere and when you go to my room everything has a place.
M: It’s like a different area of the house, it’s so weird. What annoys me about him is that he can’t cuddle  with me.
K: I get claustrophobic at night and I cuddle for 5-10minutes and then I roll to my side and she gets mad.But she knows how to irritate the hell out of me…
M: True , I’ll just sit and poke his face and things like that.
K: Or if she is working before me ,earlier and I’m asleep… she’ll come sit next to me, eat breakfast loud ,wake me up, say hello and after that not have a conversation with me.
M: Or just be like : Babe , babe, babe ,baabe.. BABE   ‘cuz he is always busy and then be like Hi . But you also do stuff to annoy me …
K: Yeah, I change the stories so I can always sound right.
M: And he does the  “dutch oven ” on me …

Who is smarter ?
M:  ME !
K: She is smarter in a sense of  book smart but I’m more street smart.
M: Yeah , like he is always watching you and the people around , how they behave & etc. When I’m out I have my camera and take pictures. So yeah but I’m definitely smarter.
K: I love it when she says that.
M: It’s okay babe ,I make it up for the brains in this relationship.

Who dances better?
M: Karl !
K: I do dance better !

Who wins the fights when you argue?
M: Well , he always has the last say …
K: Yes, I do .
M: But technically I win !
K: Oh really ? In your own eyes I guess you do .

What is the weirdest thing you’ve done?
K: Do you really wanna now ?  I’ll tell you right now!
Okay, so it was a week before I left for the USA for the first time . We both wanted to do something naughty …
M: Actually he came to my house and I was saying that we have to do something really fun before he leaves,a really cool memory. And he was like :” okay , I guess ” , we told my mom we are going for a walk and we went up the road, there was a school and it has a pool . I suggested to climb the fence and break into the school ,then skinny dip and sneak out . Karl was like :” No way ,it’s too cold” and I was like :” Omg , you’re being such a girl”  and we climbed over , he end up agreeing to do it. Got naked …
K: We swam in the pool and then the people next door turned on the lights. We jumped out the pool, jumped over the fence …
I reached for my clothes but Karl said it won’t count , so we ended up escaping naked.So we’re on the main road, he gets in the car but locks the doors , also I’m standing naked on the street by myself and cars coming around the corner and I was screaming open the door , getting so angry with him and he just opened it when the car came around … it was so funny tho !
K: We are totally against the normal , Preslava!


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