Osterville is one of seven villages within the town of Barnstable , Massachusetts , USA . It’s my second summer working on Cape Cod and I honestly love this place . This small village is so cozy and beautiful (my pictures will prove that to you ) , makes me think how lucky I am to be here , even though I always say I’m not  (you know ,never winning things from competitions and Murphy’s law is strong with me life). The land is so beautiful , everything is neatly organized around the area and after work walks , to the Dowses beach or Joshua’s pond ,are amazing ! It’s a good place to make up your mind,  set your goals high for life and put happiness in first , because it’s so peaceful here!
People will greet you with smiles on the street and always be more than happy to help you out .
Osterville’s business district includes a public library, gift stores, women’s fashions, restaurants, a small market, banks with ATMs, a pizza place, package store (spirits), a U.S. Post Office, a hardware store, art galleries, barber and beauty shops, and real estate brokers. Armstrong-Kelley Park, the oldest and largest privately owned park on Cape Cod, is located in Osterville. Crosby Boat Yard is port to the Crosby catboat, and the Wianno senior, the latter a favorite of nearby Hyannisport resident President John F. Kennedy. There are two private country clubs in Osterville: The Wianno Club and the Oyster Harbors Club. Each club has a private 18 hole golf course, private tennis facilities, and a private beach. The Wianno Club, is where I do work at.

Some history : Osterville was originally named Cotacheset, based on the native American name for the area. Over time it became a center for “oystering” (harvesting wild oysters) and was renamed Oysterville. Later a map misspelled the name as Osterville and the village became so. The name Wianno is almost at every corner.

The area of land that is now called Wianno is part of the third major purchase from the Native Americans by the Plymouth settlers as that colony expanded southward. The sale was negotiated by Captain Miles Standish and Chief Paupmumuck in May 1648. The price paid was two brass kettles, one bushel of corn and half of the fence needed to enclose thirty acres of land reserved for the Native Americans.

In 1664, a fourth purchase was made. Adjacent land was purchased from and named for, the Indian Sachem Iyanough, leader of the Mattakeese tribe of Cummaquid. The name “Wianno”, like Hyannis, is a derivative of the name Iyanough, Ianno or Yanno. A statue of Sachem Iyanough can be found today on the village green in downtown Hyannis.

The Wianno club : Private seasonal club founded in 1916 and dedicated to providing its members and their families with a wade range of social and athletic activities.The Clubhouse building is representative of “Shingle Style” architecture which figures significantly in Cape Cod’s architectural history . Because of its unique architecture, the Clubhouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and is in an area known as the Wianno Historic District.

11407185_10206135615662274_2353608678477963616_n    Making my way downtown !


11255325_10206135736625298_3899358514447245921_n                 Main Street , where the shop are.

11390260_10206135607502070_5042154577513721079_n                         The library!

10404373_10205435341915868_1456787604800648816_n                          Random house 🙂

11140231_10206135626022533_6734945783114208499_n                  Another random house!


10409752_10206135628862604_551983405318883747_n                The lake a.k.a Joshua’s pond!

10404280_10205435268074022_7341749705927340169_n                   Random mill.

10369200_648289985264534_3893842912828915034_n                     The Wianno club!

10356538_10204746998891923_621526193_n                  Peek behind it!

11021216_10205435382596885_160960661572147044_n              Parked my lovely bike next to our golf course 🙂

303386_10151036550841635_115787236_n                     Sunsets are amazing !

12926_10205435246713488_2690058785003937763_n                                                                 Lucky Indeed.


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