So recently I’ve been thinking about this app called Tinder . I’m quite sure you’ve heard at least once for it . I learned about it from one of my friends back in the States ,last summer . At first I thought it was some phone app that allows you to chat and if you want to meet up with people, which is quite true yeah , but didn’t know it’s a dating app or most likely a hook up app . Like what the hell ?! It’s kinda like a stalkers online club ahaha knowing how far away the other person is , however I did use it …

Like I said when I first used it was in America at the end of my visit. It was quite fun , thought of it as a cool way to make new FRIENDS . I met two wonderful boys , with really interesting personalities , hanged out and had quite the fun . Yes , I still do keep in touch with them . They were interested in me because I’m Bulgarian , something new in their lives , asked me a bunch of questions about Europe and my culture in general . Of course after that we did small talks about interests and stuff like that , getting to know the person in front of your face . My point is – they weren’t being pushy,flirting or trying to get in my pants .
Maybe that’s why I didn’t saw it as a “hook up” app but thought of it because there were some weirdos texting me inappropriate things !

After my long visit in the USA  I went home and kinda got depressed . Main reason why was my best friend moving to Canada . She is like a sister to me , except we don’t fight. Bars ,parks, restaurants, coffee houses …whatever you think of, we would go together and enjoy ourselves . If there is a problem we would solve it together , even sitting in silence was normal and not awkward for us . We sound like a couple , don’t we ? Or like those “besties” who spend 24/7 together but we actually didn’t and respected each other’s space . She is still my “sister” , “bestie” , “closest one” or whatever you would like to call our bond , so you can understand me . Other reasons : half of my friends went to study abroad , cultural shock experience , winter , disappointments from my university and etc.
So I was going through my phone one day and saw the TINDER app . From curiosity decided to check what kind of people use it in my home town . Opened the app , signed in and then after 1hour of playing with it I understood the purpose…

I started using it again ,most likely when I’m super bored and have nothing else to do . I liked messing around with the so-called from me “stupidios” a.k.a guys who have no brains . I was matching with all sorts of people , even girls , and trying to find new interesting people . At the end got tired of it and lost hope for making new friends or eventually finding love , because hey if I do it probably the same banana pants as me guy  also does it . Don’t judge !
So when I was just about to delete the app my phone buzzzzzzed and got a message from some funny guy and he got my attention . Texted a lot with him on that day , even exchanged other social media accounts . Not long after he did insisted us two to meet and we did . It was so strange , I could talk freely with him for anything and felt like I knew him for ages . Too bad nothing more than friendship happened , I gotta admit at one point I could tell I was falling head over heels for him .

So to end this in my opinion tinder is not a bad app but you have to be extra careful with whom you’re texting . Creepy people everywhere , buddy . Too bad nowadays we’re consumed with social media and don’t dare to meet people in the old-fashioned ways .Why is it so hard to go and say hello to a stranger , but not hard to swipe right and text ? I still don’t have the answer , if you do – write a comment below this post . I will appreciate it ! 🙂


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