Ladies and gentlemen , may I proudly present to you my friend – Jonatan Augustsson !
He is young, wild and free, ready to take over the world and invite you to a crazy party ! Born and raised in Angered , Sweden.
Yes , you’ve read right – Sweden: The land of the Almighty Vikings of the Midnight Sun! Loves nature and video games , hates spiders and the word swag. Fan of beer and good music .I met this bright personality , probably around a month and half ago , in Sofia. What brings him to Bulgaria? Let’s find out!

What is hiding under your bed?
Pretty much spiders and dust !
No monsters? Nah , no monsters 
Not even one? Nope .

Coffee or Tea? Coca Cola or Pepsi?
Coffee and coca cola .

Which is your spirit animal?
It’s the bear . Fund of bears , plus I like them.

Do you have a pet?
Yeah , I guess.. my mom has a dog and a cat (which was a stray one , during winters , moved into the house – eventually became ahome , pet) . Also I was taking care of my roommate’s dog back in Sweden .

Which is your favourite PC game?
I had my first computer at the age of seven , so I’ve been for a long time in the gaming world . Can’t pick just one but some of my favourites are  – Super Mario , Skyrim and every Star Wars game that exists .

So your favourite movie probably would be Star Wars?
That’s right ! Love every single episode , even wore a storm trooper costume once at a festival.

 If there is an apocalypse and you have to choose one thing to eat forever, what is it going to be?
Though one . I probably will pick tacos , they contain everything that you need . Yes , definitely tacos !

What are you scared of and how do you deal with your fear?
Spiders , kill them in all possible ways .

Who is your hero and why?
I would have to say my grandmother ! She is always there for me and ready to help in need .

What’s the most stupid thing you’ve heard in the past two months?
I’ve heard a lot of stupid things , especially around the offic e. But I think the most stupid thing I’ve heard was that I can’t buy a computer on a payment plan , because I am European. Makes no sense.

What is your most extreme experience?
Moving to Bulgaria ! I applied for a job at Spotify , had an interview taken and approved . Received a call and had to make a decision if I should live and work in another country , but what I didn’t expect was the deadline of three days .
How do you find life in Bulgaria?
Summer here is awesome , life is peachy . Winters are kinda depressing .
There are many positive and negative things her
e .

What about the people?
Young people are cool and pretty nice . ( the ones who can actually speak English)
Old people are grumpy and also the people who work at shops .

Share a fun story from work that you will never forget.
 It was back from the first days at work . One of my colleagues was helping out a girl .  He checked her profile and checked her pictures – she was super ho t. So after that he sent her pics to me and another colleague and 6minutes later , almost everyone , from the male auditory in the office , received the girls picture and you could hear them saying :”Daaamnn she’s fine” and etc.  when the message was opened .


What do you miss from Sweden?
My family , my friends , Swedish society . Everything in general !

What are you going to tell me about your tattoos?
 I have five tattoos . Got my first one at the age of sixteen , it’s a latin sign which meaning is “family bonds” –  made it for my family and friends whom I treasure .  After that got my chest piece with super Mario , Stormtrooper and a Viking , it’s all about my passion for computer games . Working on my “Death sleeve”  with a meaning live your life to the fullest !  When I was ten years old I got diagnosed with cancer . I didn’t understand how serious this was because I was just a kid . It was weird because the day before I was perfectly fine and the day after I was put on a mild treatment . Stayed at hospitals for one year and the age of eleven was cured and beat it ! I also have a blueberry pie tattooed on my right foot ! This one I got for my love of blueberry pie , of course! Gotta admit it’s a funny story . My cousin had made a blueberry pie and I ate it all by myself . Her boyfriend is a tattoo artist , so she jokingly said that will tattoo me , even though she chickened out and didn’t do it , her boyfriend did.


What do you seek?
I want to make a difference . That’s what I want from life !
What is your motto?
” I’d rather die for what I believe than life without meaning “.


And to end this “so-called” interview of mine… what would you say to everyone who reads this?
Hi and follow your dreams !


Photos by Linnea Siitari




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