In three days my new summer adventure begins,woohoo! Words can’t describe how excited I am!That’s why I decided to share my thoughts on traveling!

When I was little I used to travel a lot with my father and mother.Visiting small villages and cities around my country. I remember not liking a trip that is longer than 3hours, couldn’t stand being in the car and always used to sleep or ask when will we arrive.Eventually when we reach our destination I would go crazy and start exploring right away.Well,not before having my croissant!Ha ha was addicted to those, all of the flavours,but that’s another story.My parents always gave me freedom to go around for walks,of course they had to be near around where we were staying.And I remember sometimes bringing animals with me – stray dogs and kitties which have followed me.Those are all good memories about my childhood.

Anyways,I discovered for myself that there is nothing more exciting than visiting a new place.Especially when it’s another country!You can get blown away with culture (both bad and good sides of it).Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights, it is a wind of change that goes on. Definitely gaining a wild experience about life. Meeting new cultures and different people opens up your eyes,also being able to take the other people points of view of Life is super interesting!
One of my biggest dreams is to travel around the world.While you’re on the road you feel free and alive.Traveling in your youth is a part of education, a part of experience!

My first travel abroad was at the age of 16.My mom took me with her and her friends to Greece.I remeber being super excited and thrilled. We went to Thessalonike.The city is super charming, I don’t know why but It kinda reminded me of some places in Bulgaria,which I have visited (talking about the city vibes) ! Ha ha but I loved the buildings,most of them were the same style.That was my biggest impression, because back home the architecture of my home city is a bit chaotic.Uh yeah…just a bit! And I remember tasting octopus and I didn’t like it.

My second out of country trip was to Turkey.Oh my,oh my… turkish coffee is so good!We visited Istanbul and Edirne.I didn’t know what to expect from that country , I just knew from my mom that the people there were friendly. Istanbul is a really beautiful city and the baklava is pretty awesome.What made impression on me there was that women are not working or at least I saw a lot of men taking care of their business, and some wives helping out. Also the mosques can be breath-taking, didn’t like the “singing” ,I mean the mosque songs – kinda creeped me out when I heard them , had no clue what’s happening! Walking around the streets is cool at night, still don’t know why they don’t have trash bins!

kafe na pqsuk
turkish coffee on sand!

 I also visited The United States of America. But I will write another post about it because I worked and lived there for 4months and I will be living there for the next 5months.So brace yourself a new post is coming soon!



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